Album Review: Linea Aspera – Linea Aspera LP II

Linea Aspera

Linea Aspera LP II

Release date: September 7, 2020

In 2012 Linea Aspera was releasing its first full length LP and it was an incredible discovery. The way the band was able to build a dark and comforting atmosphere was just outstanding. At this point we wanted more of it, but we had to wait eight years for the band to release their second LP simply called Linea Aspera LP II. It was such a pleasure to hear the release of this new LP, which definitely calls for a continuity of the first one, as a willingness to pick up where they left.

Solar Flare the first track is like a bridge between the first and this second LP. It’s doing a good transition and make us feel on familiar ground. As soon as the voice of Alison Lewis resonates it appeals to our memories. We are instantly immersed in the Linea Aspera world. Then tracks follow one after the other, sometimes on atmospheres more melancholic than other such as Redshift andits calm and haunting rhythms or Entanglement which is more hovering. Equilibrium offers a faster electro rhythm than the other track and explore a brighter atmosphere. Entropy, Decoherence and Event Horizon ad a 80s touch by letting analog synth creates excellent minimal electro tracks. Wave Function Collapse perfectly closes this LP. The track takes its time on a slow rhythm to deploy one last time the universe of the band. On a muffled electro sounds, the distinct sound of something that can remind you of a respirator, the track gradually fades away. It is the end of this LP.

Linea Aspera LP II is an LP that you have to savour and for which you’ll benefit from taking your time to explore its multiple facets. One listening after another, you discover new sounds, other meanings and new feelings. It clearly emphasize one of the great quality of Linea Aspera, which is its ability to put its sensitivity at the service of music, to create those spaces where we can comfortably feel vulnerable without fear. Their music is full of emotions, all supported by a well-calibrated musical structure and powerful vocals. Something fair and touchin that you won’t find easily, emanates from the music of Linea Aspera.


  • Solar Flare (5:45)
  • Redshift (4:11)
  • Equilibrium (4:37)
  • Entanglement (6:07)
  • Entropy (4:20)
  • Decoherence (4:27)
  • Event Horizon (5:08)
  • Wave Function Collapse (5:26)

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