Johnny Hollow

314288_10151218135831013_484393689_nJohnny Hollow (aka JH) is a Canadian Dark Wave and Ambient band. It was founded in 2001 and is composed of four members: Janine White (vocals), Vincent Marcone (digital artist), Kitty Thompson (cellist) and Steve Heihn (guitar).

The first thing that could be surprising about Johnny Hollow is the fact that one of the members is not a musician but a digital artist. It reveals a lot about the band, because for them the visual identity is as important as the music. Indeed, the aesthetic is elaborate and leave no stone unturned.  When you look at covers, videos or their website you will find the same atmosphere.

But Johnny Hollow is not only about visual art it is also about music. Through their two albums, Johnny Hollow (2003) and Dirty Hands (2008), you will discover an atmosphere both dark and heavy, but at the same time light-up.

Johnny Hollow will make you discover that you can listen to music with your eyes and see art with your ears.

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