Music: Opale

Opale is a French band created in 2012 by Sophia Hamadi and Rocio Ortiz. Describing Opale by only choosing one type of music is almost impossible as they gather several inspiration such as atmospheric, electro, cold wave or synthpop.

They sing in French, English and Spanish. The music is the main focus. Vocals blend in tracks and accompany it, without stealing the spotlight on rhythms. That’s one of the reasons why instrumental songs feel so natural.

Opale developed a haunting music, which creates a floating feeling. Rhythms are eerie, ethereal and bring a kind of soft nostalgia. When listening to Opale you dive in an oniric and mesmerizing world.

They released their first EP Playground in 2012 under the label Stellar Kinetics. It lays the foundations for the direction that the group will take. The next year with the release of their first album, L’incandescent (label We be Friend), the musical identity is clearly affirmed. All the following releases will support the peculiarities of their style: Hédoniste (2014), Sleepless (2015), the second EP Éternelle Nostalgie (2018) under their own label called Contemplative Recordings and the latest track Alejandro’s Theme (2019).

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