Music: Paradox Obscur

Paradox Obscur is a Greek dark-wave and minimal-electro band formed in 2014 by Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor. Before Paradox Obscur they were both part of the band Resistance Of Independent Music, an electro ambient project.

With Paradox Obscur there is a clear willingness to go for a rawer and colder musical style. The synth rhythms are pronounced and strong. The dark minimal-electro beats leave no room for the superfluous or frills. In other words, the music is direct and straightforward, what you hear is what you get.

The voice of Kriistin Ann creates a strong and cold presence congruent with the music. Toxic Razor also punctually adds his touch to the singing. Vocals, just as for rhythms, are added accurately. They understood that there was no need to fill a song with lyrics for it to be good and that you have to make room for the music if you want it to blossom. They sing mostly in English, but it is also possible to came across songs in French such as Réflexe on the album SYNΘESIS or in Greek on the EP Ατραπός.

Paradox Obscur is very productive. Indeed since their creation in 2014 they released no less than 4 albums: Paradox Obscur (2014) and Anacrusis (2015) under Peripheral Minimal Records, Artifact (2017) and SYNΘESIS (2020) under Young & Cold Records. Between these albums they also released several EPs: Noir (2014), Aτραπός (2016), No Tears (2018) which include an excellent cover of No Tears from Tuxedomoon and Cold Hearted (2018).

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