Album Review: Clan Of Xymox – Spider On The Wall

Clan Of Xymox

Spider On The Wall

Metropolis Records

Release date: July 24, 2020

Three years since the release of their last album and after whetted our appetite at the beginning of the year with two singles, the Dutch band Clan Of Xymox is now releasing its 16th album: Spider On The Wall.

The album starts with tracks we are already familiar with. Indeed She and Lovers were released earlier this year and they give us a good overview of the path this album is taking. On the one hand we have tracks that explore lively and bewitching rhythms with the perfect amount of dark touch such as She and My New Lows. Similarly Into the Unknown gives us a catchy electro track with striking rhythms and All I Ever Know, the third single of this album released at the beginning of July, put forward its cold electro.

On the other hand we also have melancholic and slower tracks such as Lovers which starts with the anxious voice of a woman questioning love in French. I Don’t Like Myself and Spider On The Wall, the eponym track of this album, are in the same vein, both deep and calm. Black Mirror and its haunting chorus is more traditional, whereas When We Were Young explores a heavier atmosphere made of soft industrial, accompanied by the voice of Ronny Moorings which is here stronger and more assertive. Finally, See You On The Other Side brings a perfect conclusion to this album.

It’s already been three decades that Clan Of Xymox is offering us their melancholic and dark electro-gothic music. We can definitely point out the longevity, consistency and quality of the albums their released through the years and Spider On The Wall is no exception. They have this strange ability to create completely new material that will make you feel nostalgic. This album is made up of all the elements that make up the identity of Clan of Xymox and for sure we are not disappointed.

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  • She (04:44)
  • Lovers (5:18)
  • Into The Unknown (3:42)
  • All I Ever Know (4:04)
  • I Don’t Like Myself (4:39)
  • Spider On The Wall (5:18)
  • When We Were Young (3:51)    
  • Black Mirror (3:22)
  • My New Lows (4:21)
  • See You On The Other Side (4:54)

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