Band Review: The Foreign Resort

The Foreign Resort is a Danish post punk and new wave band composed of three members: Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen (vocals and guitar), Henrik Fischlein (guitar) and Morten Hansen (drums and vocals).

The Foreign Resort released their first album called Offshore in 2010. Rhythms are energetic, dynamic and playful. It is almost rock and feel inspired by British bands such as White Lies. Four years later New Frontiers is released. This album marks a turning point for the band. Indeed, their musical style is more affirmed. They kept their lively rhythms that characterized them, however they explored a darker side. The album is less conventional and offers post punk tracks, with a small touch of shoegaze.

In 2019 with their third album Outnumbered (Artofact Records) they pursue the work started with the last album by adding more new wave vibes. Tracks are catchy and offer more complexity than previous releases. Musically it can remind you of you of bands such as The Exploding Boy or Veil Veil Vanish and the voice of Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen from time to time sounds like Robert Smith’s.

Since the creation of the band, The Foreign Resort pushed forward the exploration of their musical style and progressively added several influences along the way. That is what give them today their distinct style, light, melancholic and complexe at the same time

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