Welcome to Goth Me Out

I have been interested in the gothic culture for quite a long time from now, something around 10 years. During all these years I have been able to collect knowledge but also experience of this culture that I consider wide and rich.

I also had the opportunity to travel across the world. In particular I lived in Paris, Liverpool, New York and Montréal, which have allowed me to discover and to learn even more about the gothic culture around the world.

Not too long ago I realised that my experience and my knowledge could be useful to other people and could be interesting to spread, that’s why I decided to create this website. It is sometimes difficult to find information about the gothic community of the city we live in because we don’t know where to find information or just because we are new to a place. So, I decided to gather what I know, as a guide to help gothic people, but also people who are just interested in the gothic culture.

I also want to share my passion for underground music and alternative culture. I will write articles about music, art (painting, drawing, writing, … ) and I hope you will discover artist that pleases you.

But the world is wide; there are some places where I never went to and things that I don’t know. If you want to share some of your experience and knowledge feels free to contact me. Who knows maybe we will be able to build together an international gothic community!

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