Goth in Paris: Where to get information ?

You are in Paris and you want to be kept in touch with the news of the Parisian gothic community? You have several tools at your disposal.


As for a lot of other places in the world the gothic community communicates by flyers. By using this way of communication you will be kept updated of the upcoming concerts and parties. Indeed, some events are promoted only through this mean.

In order to find those flyers you will have to go to the shops, bars and restaurants which are underground incline. So as to find them I recommend you to take a look at the Goth in Paris: Bars and Restaurants, Special Events and Miscellaneous and Buy clothes sections. They will also be distributed during concerts and parties.

However, using flyers implies to move to get them, and the places where you can get them are often away from each other.


Another way to be informed about what happen in the Parisian gothic community is to go on the internet. Indeed there are website and forums which can be very helpful. Furthermore they are well updated.

Convulsions Sonores is the website to follow in order to get details about the French, Belgian and Swiss gothic community. You just have to go to the “Agenda” section and you will have an exhaustive list of the upcoming parties and concerts.

Toile Gothique is a forum. Unfortunately it is in French, but it doesn’t have to be a constraint. You just have to go to “Bric-à-brac” (jumble in English) then to “Sorties et évènements” (outings and events in English). The members of the forum post news about the next parties, concerts and exhibitions in Paris but also in other regions of France. Take the opportunity to discuss with people and make friends.


Finally, you can also read magazines that are dealing with the underground musical and cultural actuality, such as Elegy. In addition to read quality articles about artists from the alternative scene you will have a list of the upcoming concerts and parties.

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