Goth in New York: Clubs and Parties

New York is a city highly attractive for those who like to dance and to party all night long. Here below you will find a list of the main Gothic clubs and parties in New York. This is not an exhaustive list and before going to a party check on the internet the date and location of the event. Never forget that New York is a city in perpetual motion.

RIP_Pin_NYFurthermore a piece of Advice would be to go to one of the Gothic stores in New York and ask for the R.P.I. pin (Really Important Person) which is a coupon to certain events.


Absolution: Since 1998 Absolution organised Gothic parties and balls in New York.

  • Musical Style: Gothic, Industrial, Synthpop, New Wave
  • Address: Through The Mirror – 161 West 22nd Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue), NY
  • Links: Official WebsiteFacebook


Arkham: Arkham has been launched in 2008. At the beginning it was supposed to be a one night event, but as the party meets success it has finally become a monthly event. The various residents DJs will takes care of the music while you will be enjoying the horror/science fiction atmosphere and some performance.

  • When: last Saturday of the month
  • Musical Style: Gothic, Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, Deathrock, Post-Punk
  • Address: Don Pedro – 90 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn 11206
  • Link: Facebook


Berlin NYC: Twice a month Berlin NYC will offers you a place where you could dance, meet people, but also enjoy some live music.

  • When: 1st and 3rd Friday of the month
  • Musical Style: EBM, Synthpop, Industrial, Gothic, NuWave
  • Address: Blackthorn 51 – 80/12 51st Avenue Elmhurst, NY
  • Links: Official WebsiteFacebook


Contempt: Contempt is a club that regularly organised Gothic and Underground parties. The staff of the club is exclusively made of volunteers who just want to share their interest for the gothic culture.

  • Address: The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street (between Clinton and Attorney Streets), New York City, NY
  • Underground: Astor Place (6), 8Th St-Broadway (R, W), 3rd Avenue – 14th St. (L)
  • Links: Official WebsiteFacebook


Defcon: Defcon occurs every saturdays in the Pyramid Club. This party is specialised in electro music such as Industrial, EBM and Power Noise.

  • When: every Saturdays
  • Musical Style: Industrial, EBM, Synth, Power Noise
  • Address: The Pyramid Club – 101 Avenue A (downstairs), NY
  • Link: Facebook


Necropolis: Every 1st saturday of the month Necropolis occurs in The Vault of the Element Club. A good opportunity to listen and to dance to some Gothic and industrial music.

  • When: 1st Saturday of the month
  • Musical Style: Gothic, NuWave, Dark, Industrial
  • Address: The Vault – Club Element – 225 East Houston Street, NY


The Red Party: The Red Party occurs every 3rd friday of the month. The party is inclined towars classical gothic music style.

  • When: 3rd Friday of the month
  • Musical Style: Gothic, Post-Punk, Darkwave
  • Address: 103 Avenue A, NY
  • Link: Facebook


Salvation: Salvation occurs each 4th saturday of the month and offers you a wide variety of musical style from Gothic to industrial.

  • When: 4th Saturday of the month
  • Musical Style: Gothic, Industrial, EBM, Dark
  • Address: Sullivan Hall – 214 Sullivan Street, NY
  • Link: Facebook


Stimulate: Stimulate is a Gothic/Fetish party which was launch in 2008. They also often organised concerts and performance.

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