Collapse Under The Empire


Collapse Under The Empire (aka CUTE) is an instrumental band from Germany which was founded in 2007. It is composed of 2 members: Chris Burda (keys and drums) and Martin Grimm (guitar and drums).

They have mainly developed their music around the guitar and drum lines which are highly structured. As a result their music is both harmonious and complex. Thanks to this Collapse Under The Empire music can easily assume numerous facets. You can listen at it as background music, but you would lose all the essence of their work. Indeed, you should listen at it carefully and let it carry you to lunar landscape.

They have been very productive since their beginning in 2008. Indeed, they already have released 4 albums: Systembreakdown (2009), Find A Place to Be Safe (2010), Shoulders & Giants (2011) and Fragments Of A Prayer (2012).

With Collapse Under The Empire you will discover a destroyed world full of light.

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