Captured Tracks Records (1/3): DIIV

Captured_Tracks_Logo The next 3 music articles will be dedicated to the alternative record label Captured Tracks which was founded in 2008 by Mike Sniper.

It is not a coincidence if Captured Tracks have decided to set up its head office in Brooklyn. Indeed, for several years now this area has been very prolific in terms of musical production in particular for Shoegaze, Post-Punk and Darkwave.

Captured Tracks act as one of the major actors of the alternative scene and as a talent scout. They succeed in finding and promoting very promising bands.  That’s why we have chosen to review 3 artists of the Captured Tracks record label: DIIV, The Soft Moon and Holograms.


DIIV is a Shoegaze/Psychedelic band from Brooklyn which was founded in 2011. It is composed of 4 members: Zachary Cole Smith (vocals and guitar) who is the founder of the band, Andrew Bailey (guitar), Devin Ruben Perez (bass) and Colby Hewitt (drums).


DIIV first album is called Oshin and was released in June 2012. If we had to describe their music we could first say that it sound a bit nostalgic. Furthermore the visual identity which is developed in the music videos and on the pictures of the band seems to come from another time. Then we can notice that their music is also fresh. This is maybe due to the youth of the members and to the feeling that they convey through their music.

This first album is coherent from the beginning to the end even through its variations and it offers us freshness which is very appreciable.

Captured Tracks Records (2/3): The Soft Moon – Captured Tracks Records (3/3): Holograms

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