Goth in New York: Special Events and Miscellaneous

Apart from the Gothic parties and bar nights which occur in New York, there are some special events which punctuate the year. Here below you will find a list that can help you to discover some of them.

The Endless Night Vampire Ball

The Endless Night Vampire Ball was founded in 1996 in New York by Father Sebastiaan. At the beginning the aim was to create a ball which will gather the vampire community. Over the years this event has become a ball for the underground community where people can dance, enjoy live performances, all into a Victorian ball atmosphere.

As the Endless Night Vampire Ball has met with success the ball has been launch in other cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague or Barcelona. Be careful the Endless Night Vampire Ball occurs only once a year, so don’t forget to save the date.

In addition to this ball Father Sebastiaan also owns the brand Sabrethooth. It is a brand of vampire fangs which are made to measure. The result is impressive as it perfectly fits with your own tooth. Furthermore you will be able to choose between several designs.

The Steampunk Picnic

In case of clement weather you will have the opportunity to be part of The Steampunk Picnic which occurs in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It is the chance to talk to Steampunk lovers about your latest discovery or to ask them some questions all in a relaxed atmosphere. Check the New York City Steampunk community website to be informed about all the events regarding the Steampunk community of New York.

Gothic Meet-ups

In New York Gothic meet-ups which broach a large variety of topics are regularly organised. You will most likely found a subject that will interest you. I recommend you to go to look for group meet-ups on the internet to see the ones that are occurring next to you. Once more it is a good opportunity for you to meet the Gothic community of New York.

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