Semana Gótica de Madrid Fest (SGM)

SGM_LogoThe SGM “Semana Gótica de Madrid” or in English the “Madrid Gothic Week” happened each year since 2009 in Madrid, Spain. During this ten day event different aspect of the dark cultures will be approached. You will be able to attend plays, conferences, designer fashion shows, concerts, literature meetings and much more. Here below you will find a list of some of the events that you will be able to attend:


  • Virus G is an interactive dark music catalogue. It allows you to listen to track, while discovering more about the artist that you are listening to;
  • SGM Parties will be an opportunity to discover new release and meet people;
  • SGM Festival will occur on Saturday 2nd of November 2013. It will gather UK Decay (UK), Soror Dolorosa (France), Terminal Gods (UK) and Phantom Vision (PT);
  • Literature Meetings will be led by writers and editors about Gothic literature;
  • SGM Art is an exhibition which will gather several kinds of arts such as photography, drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, … ;
  • G Platform will be is dedicated to fashion designers. You will be able to attend fashion shows and it will be followed by an after party;
  • Ventana Oscura will screen short films. Conferences on dark films will also take place;
  • Theatrific will give way to theatre, dance and recitals.

The “Semana Gótica de Madrid” is an event which addresses all the aspects of the Gothic culture. It is a wonderful opportunity to discover new artist whether it be a band, a fashion designer or a painter.

Don’t hesitate to come by if you live in or near Madrid. The fifth edition of the SMG promises to be full of surprises!

  • Date: From 22nd of October to the 15th of November
  • Price: Most of the events are free except for the SGM Festival, the G Platform and Theatrific
  • Place: Madrid, Spain
  • Links: Official WebsiteFacebook Twitter – Tumblr 

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