Black Strobe


Black Strobe is a French EBM band founded in 1997. It is composed of 4 members: Arnaud Rebotini (vocals and programming), Mathieu Zub (guitar), Benjamin Beaulieu (drums) and Mathys Dubois.

Describe the style of Black Strobe could be a bit difficult. Thus, if at first sight it will just be easy to classify them as EBM, after several tracks we discover the wide variety of their influence: Dark Electro, Industrial, New Wave, Rock, Minimalist Electro, Metal, … , With this kind of combination the chance to mess it up are high, but Black Strobe perfectly succeeds in taking the best of each musical style and adding its own touch.

Black Strobe has released a lot or EP and remixes since their creation. However they only have released one album which is called Burn Your Own Church (2007). We only hope that the next release is on its way.

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