Austra01Austra is a Synthpop/Dark Wave band founded in 2009, in Toronto (Canada), by Katie Stelmanis (vocals, keyboards) who is a former opera performer. She is accompanied by Maya Postepski (drums) and Dorian Wolf (bassist).

The music of Austra is both minimal and mystical. It is a constant balance between the voice of Katie Stelmanis on one hand and the melody on the other hand. The past experience of Katie Stelmanis has much to do with her capacity to well place her voice, with both strength and harmony. The beats are dynamics and full of variations. Together they create tracks with details and structure.

Austra has released 2 albums: Feel It Break (2011) and Olympia (2013).  It’s not a lot but quality is more important than quality. We just hope that the next album will be here very soon!

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