Album Review: Double Eyelid – Seven Years

Double_Eyelid01Double Eyelid

Seven Years

Released: 07 – 07 – 2014




Seven Years is the first opus of the band Double Eyelid. To describe it is not an easy task at all, as it gather in 10 tracks a wide variety of different influence and atmosphere. Most of the time this kind of initiative is dicey, but here Double Eyelid creates a great album and succeed in getting the best of each different style.

In Seven Years there are songs such as Black Box (the introduction track), Dirty Weather and He Fell (conclusion track) in which the rhythm is very slow. In those songs Ian Revell’s voice will remind you Robert Smith‘s voice. Some other tracks such as Diamond Cutter or The Stranger are just excellent electro song with nagging and lively rhythms. On the other side we also found She’s Falling, Dead Is Better and The Quick and the Damned which are more theatrical and supported by a strong piano piece.  Finally, in John and The Hanged Woman the piano is still there, but lighter and clearer and it is quickly replace by a heavy guitar riff.

As a conclusion, Seven Years is a great album, which successfully mixes different style in order to make something new. It also gives us the opportunity to discover what Double Eyelid is capable of and it is a pleasure to listen to.

Seven Years:

1. Black Box 6:01

2. Diamond Cutter 5:56

3. She’s Falling 5:36

4. John 3:48

5. Dead is Better 6:30

6. The Hanged Woman 5:51

7. The Quick and the Damned 3:37

8. Dirty Weather 5:35

9. The Stranger 4:31

10. He Fell 2:13

Links: Official WebsiteFacebook YouTube SoundCloud Twitter – Buy Seven Years


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