Jewel: Missy Industry

After graduating from the École de Joaillerie de Montréal in 2001, Mélissa Lafrenière decided in 2003 to create her own jewelry brand called Missy Industry. Thus, she was able to let her imagination run free and developed her own visual design.


Each piece is handmade. She uses materials such as leather, silver sheet and wire. Then she transforms them into rings, earrings, studs, necklaces or bracelets to make a collection or just a unique piece. Most of the pieces that she makes have an oxidized finish and you will also find some recurring shapes in her work such as chains, pikes, skulls or crosses.


Her style is dark and industrial, but with a lot of details and extremely well finished. She succeeds into reaching a balance between a raw and feminine style. She mostly takes her inspiration from dark music and culture.

The shop and studio of Missy Industry is located at the same place. So, for those who live in Montreal don’t hesitate to go and see her creations. For the others, you could check her website or Etsy account.

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