Lebanon Hanover


Lebanon Hanover is a Coldwave/Post-Punk duo based in Berlin and created in 2010. Larissa Iceglass is charge of vocals and guitar and William Maybelline is doing bass and some vocals. Regarding their name, don’t look for a link between Germany and Lebanon. No, their name came from a city in Vermont in the United States.

The first time you will hear the music of Lebanon Hanover and see one of their musical video, you would probably guess that it is an 80’s musical project. Not at all! For sure they are inspired by everything that has been done during this period, but it is a contemporary band.

Since its creation in 2010, the band has been pretty productive. Indeed they already released 4 albums: The World Is Getting Colder (2012), Why Not Just Be Solo (2012), Tomb For Two (2013) and Besides The Abyss (2015).

Their music is loaded with nostalgia. They perpetuate the characteristics of the Coldwave/Post-Punk movement and add the proper touch of modernity to it. By listening to their music you will maybe find yourself taken out of your current time period and propelled 30 years back.

  • Musical style: Coldwave, Post-Punk
  • Similar artist: She Past Away, Linea Aspera, Dream Affair
  • Links: Facebook BandCamp

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