Vandal Moon – Teenage Daydream Conspiracy

VandalMoon02Vandal Moon

Teenage Daydream Conspiracy

Released date: June 19th, 2016




Vandal Moon is a Coldwave/Post Punk band from California (US). The band was created in 2012 by Blake Voss (vocals, guitar and synths), supported by Jeremy Adler (guitar and drum programming) and Alessandra Cadenza (bass and percussion). Teenage Daydream Conspiracy is their 4th album.

Today You Are A Child is the first track of the album and set the atmosphere of a release inspired by the 80’s synth and New Wave music. Digitalmerica displays another side of this release with a more serious rhythm. Dream Lover is slow, melancholic and dramatic. You will let yourself be lulled by the sound of the guitar. Revelation Celebration has also a similar atmosphere, but with a stronger electro sound. Heart Attack, just as Romance Demonology, starts as an acoustic track and calmly let the electric guitar and the synth set in. Those tracks are atmospheric and will make you want to dance sensually and slowly in the middle of a dance floor. Pyromania has a steadier pacer. Can’t Feel displays an old school track, with a dark atmosphere and strong synth/electro rhythm. Blame It On The Weekend is darker and colder, just as the track Father that will maybe remind you of some shoegaze bands such as The Soft Moon or DIIV. Robert Smith (I Love You Since I Was Six) Pt. 2 With a title like this one it can’t be clearer that it is a tribute and a successful one. Lovely Never is kind of repetitive, but very effective and will be stuck in your head. The last track Little Toy Soldier offers a slow and melancholic atmosphere and concludes Teenage Daydream Conspiracy.

All along this release you will definitely feel the influence of bands such as the Cure or The Chameleons. If you are an 80’s/New Wave/Synth lover you will definitely like Teenage Daydream Conspiracy. They bring a delightful nostalgic feeling which is very pleasant.

  1. Today You Are A Child (4:07)
  2. Digitalmerica (feat. Logan Sky) (4:14)
  3. Dream Lover (feat. Die Huntress & Negletic)
  4. Heart Attack (2:42)
  5. Pyromania
  6. Revelation Celebration (feat. Amberotica) (4:18)
  7. Can’t Feel
  8. Romance Demonology
  9. Blame It On The Weekend
  10. Robert Smith (I Love You Since I Was Six) Pt. 2
  11. Lovely Never
  12. Father
  13. Little Toy Soldier

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