Album Review: The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds

The Birthday Massacre


Metropolis Records

Diamonds is the last album of The Birthday Massacre, released in March of this year. First off, as always, when you lay eyes on the cover you instantly know that you are dealing with The Birthday Massacre. No doubt about it as we found the usual visual identity of the group: the color violet, bunny, skeleton, etc.

This new opus is in line with what the group has produced over the years. Enter gives us a nice introduction. The lively melody offered in this track, but also in The Last Goodbye, enhances Chibi’s clear voice.  It is followed by The Sky Will Turn, which gather most of the classical sounds of The Birthday Massacre sounds.

Overall the rhyme of most of the tracks is slow and offer calm rhythms such as Crush, Diamonds or Parallel World. Run, which is a bit darker, will maybe remind you of Happy Birthday from the Violet album, during the part whispered by Chibi. Flashback and Mirrors will introduce a stronger rhythm, supported by harder synth melody.

Diamonds is smoother than Hide and Seek (2012) and less punchy than Under Your Spell (2017). It offers a slower and calmer atmosphere while remaining completely in The Birthday Massacre musical identity.

  • Enter (3:35)
  • The Sky Will Turn (4:14)
  • Diamonds (3:49)
  • Run (3:23)
  • Flashback (3:26)
  • The Last Goodbye (4:16)
  • Crush (5:17)
  • Mirrors (4:14)
  • Parallel World (5:16)

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