Album Review: Christine Plays Viola – Fading

Christine Plays Viola


Icy Cold Records

Fading is the fourth album of the Italian band Christine Plays Viola. Once again they manage to surprise us. They succeed to create variations while remaining faithful to their musical identity. After exploring Goth Rock, Ambient and Death Rock in their previous albums, Fading is moving towards an overall Dark Wave touch, without depriving itself of other types of influences.

The Earth Is Definitely Doomed set the mood of this new album. We have here rounder and softer sounds. However, while listening to Fading don’t be fooled by the apparent lightness of tracks such as Suicidal Cabaret, Showdown At The Mirror or In the Dark. Even if the melodies are less dark than usual and that the rhythm feel lighter, the themes remain heavy and melancholic. Just as for You’re No One, which feel simpler but also rawer.

We can highlight the work of the group to vary the sources of inspiration. Still, the single of this new release, offers a good Goth rock track. Through The Night sounds like some 80’s electro and will maybe make you think about Gary Numan or Kraftwerk. It is followed by Run which leans toward a more new wave sound. I Belong on the other hand is the track were the electro is the strongest, almost industrial.

It is always nice to see groups exploring and experimenting new avenues. Christine Plays Viola’s risk-taking has paid off. Fading seems more personal than the previous albums. They reach a good balance between evolving while remaining true to their identity.

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  • The Earth Is Definitely Doomed (03:45) 
  • Suicidal Cabaret (03:59)
  • Showdown At The Mirror (04:14)
  • Still (04:33)
  • Through The Night (03:12)
  • Run (03:54)
  • In The Dark (03:17)
  • I Belong (04:30)
  • You’re no one (03:32)

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