Christine Plays Viola


Christine Plays Viola is al New Wave/Darkwave Italian band created in 2008. It is composed of 5 members: Massimo Ciampani (voice), Fabrizio Giampietro (guitar, synth and programming), Desio Presutti (bass), Daniele Palombizio (drums) and Daniele Vergni (synth and programming).

After participating in music competitions and appearing on compilations, Christine Plays Viola eventually released its first full-length album in 2011: Innocent Awareness. This album was pretty well received by critics. So in 2014 they do it again and released Vacua, inspired by the Spanish painter and engraver Francisco de Goya. With this album they anchored the band in the New Wave/Darkwave musical scene.

Christine Plays Viola succeeds into developing both a strong musical and visual identity. Their music is precise and consistent. If you listen to their whole discography you will discover their dark, hypnotic and atmospheric ambiance. Their work is very promising and full of creativity. A delight for the ears !

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