Band Review: Geometric Vision

Geometric Vision is an Italian darkwave and post-punk band formed in 2012 in Naples. It is composed of three members: Ago Giordano (synth, drum-machine and vocals), Gennaro Campanile (bass) and Roberto Amato (guitar).

With their first album called Dream (2013), Geometric Vision introduce us to their musical style. There is a willingness to respect the codes of the darkwave and post-punk genres that we can see with tracks such as Solitude of the Trees or Stronger. They also put forward what they are capable of by displaying at the same time driving tracks (We Have No Time) and softer ones (Skies).

In 2015, with the release of Virtual Analog Tears, they continue the work begun with the first opus. We can feel a strong desire to focus on darker atmospheres and slower rhythms. Exploring this path makes this album more uniform compared to its predecessor and intensify the melancholia we already felt with Dream.

Then, in 2018 they release Fire! Fire! Fire!.With this album Geometric Vision’s music has been taken to a whole new level. The voice of Ago Giordano is clearer and less lost between the melodies. It asserts itself and takes its place. Rhythms are also more distinct, the structure of tracks is more complex and their musical identity is affirmed. With each new release, they push the finesse of their music a notch higher. One of the latest examples is the two new tracks and four remixes by Molchat Doma, Twin Tribes, Ash Code and Hapax, they revealed in July 2020.

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