Goth in Paris: Bars and Restaurants

Below you will find a list of the major underground/alternative/Gothic bars and restaurants of Paris. You will also get a short report about the characteristics of each and every place.

Black Dog

Black Dog

The Black Dog Bar is a metal bar where you can enjoy a fresh beer while listening to some metal music. The Black Dog is a    place a bit raw but very welcoming.


Black Dog02

Furthermore the Black Dog is also a restaurant and what a restaurant! They are specialised in beef from Argentina. You will have to choose between several meals with names such as “La Levrette” (the doggy style), “La Punition” (the punishment), “La Peine de Mort” (the death penalty) and “Tant Pis Si J’en Crève” (Never mind if I die). Their empañadas, dessert and wine are also very good.

  • Address : 26, rue des Lombards, 75004, Paris
  • Underground: M° Châtelet/Les Halles
  • Links: Official Website – Facebook

La  Cantada II

La Cantada

The Cantada is a bar specialised in Absinthe, with no less than 25 different kinds. They also serve some medieval meal that you can eat with a glass of hypocras, a mix of sweet wine and spices. On the basement the Cantada offer a variety of events such as parties, movie projections, exhibitions, shows, … .

La Manufacture

La Manufacture

The manufacture is a rock/goth bar located in the heart of the 9th district of Paris. Both the visible beam and the decoration impart to this place a lot of charm. All along the week they propose a burlesque show, quiz and parties in the basement. You can also take a look at the menu which is composed of brasserie meals.

  • Address : 42, rue de Rochechouart, 75009, Paris
  • Underground: M° Cadet/Anvers/Poissonnière
  • Link: Facebook

Les Furieux

Les Furieux

This rock/Gothic bar is located in the Bastille area. When you enter Les Furieux you discover a place which is a mix between baroque ornaments and French bistro. You can have a drink at the bar, but I recommend you to go at the back of the bar where you will discover several large sofas. Take a look at their cocktail menu and choose between cocktails with unusual names such as the “Chat Noir” (Black Cat), the Grunge or the “Poisson Rouge” (Goldfish). They also regularly exhibit alternative artists and propose thematic evenings.

  • Address: 74, rue de la Roquette, 75011, Paris
  • Underground: M° Bastille/Bréguet Sabin
  • Link: Official Website

Le Piano Vache

Piano Vache

Just near the Pantheon and the Sorbonne you will find the Piano Vache. This bar will welcome you in an old school atmosphere: 80’s old posters on the walls and dim light. Every Wednesday of the week you will heard 80’s goth mix.

  • Address: 8, rue Laplace, 75005, Paris
  • Underground: M° Cardinal Lemoine/Maubert Mutualité
  • Links: Official Website – Facebook

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