The Exploding Boy


The Exploding Boy is a New-wave/Post-Punk band composed of 4 members: Johan (vocals and acoustic guitar), Stefan (vocals and electric guitar), Les (lead guitar) and Nick (keyboards). It was founded in 2006 in Stockholm (Sweden).

If you like New-Wave and the 80’s music the sound of The Exploding Boy will definitely sound familiar and will maybe bring you 30 years back.

Through their 3 releases: The Exploding Boy (2007), Afterglow (2009) and The Black Album (2011); The Exploding Boy spread a kind of rousing heaviness. On each album you will find different kind of tracks: some are catching and will make you dance all night long, some sound more like Pop music than New-Wave and some others that are a bit lacklustre.

However The exploding Boy is a pleasant band with potential which is important to follow closely.

  • Label: Vendetta Music
  • Musical style: New-Wave, Post-Punk
  • Similar artists: The Cure, Chameleons, Veil Veil Vanish
  • Links: Facebook SoundCloud Twitter

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