Goth in Paris: Buy Clothes

To be honest I won’t recommend you to go to the Gothic stores of Paris and this for several reasons:

–        First of all: the price. You will quickly realise that the least peace of clothes or accessories is very expensive;

–        Second, most of the stores are not very well-stocked and the choice of clothes and accessories is not renewed quiet often.

My recommendation will be to buy clothes on the internet because the choice is wider and it will be easier to compare the prices. You can also go in mass stores where you will be able to find clothes that are inspired by the Gothic culture. But if you are still curious about the Gothic stores of Paris here is a list that can help you.


  • What you will find: Clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, medieval drinks
  • Styles: Gothic, Celtic, Romantic, Vampiric, Cyber, Steampunk
  • Address: 3, rue Sauval, 75001, Paris
  • Underground: M° Louvre – Rivoli/Châtelet/Les Halles
  • Link: Official WebsiteFacebook

The Gr(o)uft

  • What you will find : Clothes, shoes, accessories
  • Styles: Gothic, Cyber, Medieval
  • Address: 28, rue de la Grande Truanderie, 75001, Paris
  • Underground : M° Châtelet/Les Halles


  • What you will find: Clothes, shoes, lingerie, accessories, sextoys
  • Styles: Latex, vinyl, leather
  • Address: 22, avenue Jean Aicard, 75011, Paris
  • Underground: M° Ménilmontant/Rue Saint-Maur
  • Link: Official Website

L’Indien Boutique

  • What you will find: Clothes, shoes, lingerie, accessories, cosmetics
  • Styles: Rock, Gothic, Cyber, Lolita
  • Address: 25, 30, 33, 36, rue Keller, 75012, Paris
  • Underground: M° Bastille
  • Links: Official WebsiteFacebook

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