Human Tetris

HumanTetris02Human Tetris is a Post-Punk/Coldwave band from Moscow (Russia) which was active from 2008 to 2012. The band was composed of four members: Arvid Kriger (vocals and guitar), Maxim Zaytsev (bass), Maxim Keller (guitar) and Sasha Kondyr (drums).

Human Tetris succeeds into gathering antagonist feelings and make it works perfectly. Indeed, their music is highly nostalgic, cold, but also with a kind of contained excitement. It creates an atmosphere of glad sorrow. Arvid Kriger’s deep voice will surely remind of Ian Curtis (Joy Division) or Tom Smith (The Editors).

During their almost five years of activity they released an album called Happy Way In The Maze of Rebirth (2012), but also two EP: Human Tetris (2009) and Soldiers (2010). It’s a pity that the Human Tetris adventure didn’t continue. It would have been a pleasure to have a little bit more to listen to.

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