Zola Jesus


Zola Jesus is the stage name of the Russian American singer and songwriter Nika Roza Danilova.

One thing to know about Zola Jesus is that to rely on the appearances would be a serious error. Indeed, her youth and her visible candour shouldn’t be taken into account in order to appraise her music.

She started singing very young and follows a training in lyric singing for 10 years. This has helped her to acquire experience and explains the quality of her singing.

Her music is made up of several elements. First, there is the setting up of an atmosphere, both heavy and dark. Second, you will hear Zola Jesus’ voice which is strong and calm at the same time. Finally, you will be able to mix those two elements which will create a third one; something between a latent fragility and dark strength. This particular atmosphere has been developed through her 3 albums: The Spoils (2009), Stridulum II (2010) and Conatus (2011).

If we consider that we are improving over time, there is a good chance that we will soon run out of words to express the quality of Zola Jesus’s work.

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