Goth in New-York: Where to Get Information?

You are in New-York and you want to be kept in touch with the news of the New-Yorker Gothic community? You have several tools at your disposal.


As for a lot of other places in the world the Gothic community communicates by flyers. By using this way of communication you will be kept updated of the upcoming concerts and parties.

In order to find those flyers you will have to go to the shops and bars which are underground incline. So as to find them I recommend you to take a look at the Goth in New-York: Bars and Restaurants, Special Events and Miscellaneous and Buy Clothes sections. They will also be distributed during concerts and parties.


Another way to be informed about what happens in the New-Yorker Gothic community is to go on the internet.

New Goth City will become your ally through your journey into the Gothic community of New-York. You will find an exhaustive list of the upcoming parties and events of The Big Apple. This website is well done and organised. Furthermore it is very well updated. They also have a Facebook page on which is posted the upcoming events.

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