The Birthday Massacre

Ester Segarra

The Birthday Massacre (aka TBM) is a Gothic/Electro Canadian band founded in 1999 in Toronto. The band is composed of 6 members: Chibi (vocals), Rainbow (guitar, backing vocals), Falcore (lead guitar), Rhim (drums), Nate Manor (bass) and Owen (keyboards).

Since 1999 The Birthday Massacre has developed a strong musical and visual identity. There imagery is based on fantastic and magical dark world. This particular atmosphere spreads over the music, but also on videos, cover and even on the outfits of the members of the band.

They already has released 5 albums: Nothing and Nowhere (2002), Violet (2005), Walking With Strangers (2007), Pins and Needles (2010) and Hide and Seek (2012).

If you like the mix between darkness and childhood, between Electro/Goth and Metal, you will be served!

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