Goth in Montreal: Buy Clothes

I won’t teach you anything by telling you that the Gothic community is composed of few members. It is true that the size of the Gothic community varies from a city to another, from a country to another. But from a general point a view we are not much. This could explain some events that are happening in the Gothic community. For example, not while ago in Montreal there were several Gothic stores that were selling clothes, accessories and shoes.

Today, only two remains. The others which were Obscure (on St-Denis Street) and Cruella (on Mont-Royal Avenue) are now closed.  So, here below you will find a description of the two latest Gothic stores of Montreal.


Creatures_Logo02Montreal is pleased to welcome a new Gothic/Alternative stores which is called Créatures. They offer a wide variety of clothing styles including Gothic, Pin-Up, Punk, Steampunk and much more.

Both men and women will be happy to find a new item for their outfit of the day or their outfit of the night.  You will also find a selection a shoes and accessories which have been selected because of their originality and design.



Diabolik is located in the French district of Montreal on the Mont-Royal Street. The store is very well designed and will instantaneously drown you into the atmosphere of a Victorian boudoir.

Even if the store is not huge they have a large choice of clothes, accessories and shoes, for men, women and children. You will inevitably find something for you or to offer, whether it is in the regular collection or in the discount items.

2 responses to “Goth in Montreal: Buy Clothes

  1. Actually, as Cruella closed, a spawn was formed. a store called Creatures opened at 171 Mont-Royal E. It is now a great place to get your groovy gear.

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