Album Review: IAM X – The Unified Field


The Unified Field

Released date : 22– 04 – 2013


After 2 years of work on his new release IAMX is coming back with The Unified Field. One of the particularities of this album is the variety of tracks which are all build around common topics such as love, blood and sorrow. Quite dark theme for sure, but we used to it with Chris Corner.

The Unified Field, which is the eponym track, is a lively electro which will make you want to dance, such as Walk With The Noise which is also very catching. A bit different but just as good The Adrenaline Room is more industrial. It is both spellbinding and reminiscent to Nine Inch Nails on some ways. In this new release you will also find slow ballade such as Quiet The Mind or Atomic Skies. Some other tracks will bring you back to the older IAMX songs such as Screams.

As a conclusion The Unified Field is a good release which will satisfy everybody thanks to the variety of rhythm and melody. Furthermore it is definitely an IAMX album in that we find all the characteristics that are specific to Chris Corner’s style. So for those who were not already fond of IAMX this new release won’t convince you.

The Unified Field:

  • I Come With Knives (4:21)
  • Sorrow (4:42)
  • The Unified Field (4:11)
  • The Adrenalin Room (3:02)
  • Quiet The Mind (4:01)
  • Under Atomic Skies (3:48)
  • Screams (3:52)
  • Come Home (3:58)
  • Animal Impulses (3:54)
  • Walk With The Noise (4:00)
  • Land Of Broken Promises (4:43)
  • Trials (3:49)

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