Captured Tracks Records (3/3): Holograms


Holograms is a Swedish Post-Punk band from Stockholm. The band is composed of 4 members: Andreas Lagerström (vocals and bass), Anton Strandberg (drums), Anton Spetze (vocals and guitar) and Filip Spetze (synth).

It is quite difficult to find information about Holograms. It is maybe because the band is relatively new, but also because they deliberately maintain a kind of mystery around them. One of the benefits is that when you listen to their music for the first you are completely devoided of information that could influence our judgement.

Holograms first released is simply called Holograms (2012). Their second album is called Forever and will be released on September the 3rd of 2013. Their sound is both raw and dark. They succeed into making a mix between post-punk, a bit a shoegaze and coldwave. This is an explosive mixture, but the result is good and it will be very interesting to hear how all of this will evolve.

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