Goth in Montreal: Clubs and Parties

There is a lot of opportunity to take part of the Gothic events in Montreal. The most difficult is to find them. Here below you will find a list of the Gothic clubs and parties of Montreal.

Bar Passeport

Bar_PasseportBar Passeport is located in the Latin quarter of Montreal just under the Café Chaos. Along the week they organised parties of different kind and two days are devoted to Goth.

On Wednesday the Rebirth Nights 3.0 will offer you an industrial, EBM, Noise party. On Saturday you can attend the Different Mode party which is a traditional Goth party.

The Coop Katacombes

Coop_KatacombesThe Coop Katacombes open in 2009. It is a place where both parties and shows are organised. Sometimes Gothic parties take place there so take a look at their scheduling you might find a party or a show that will please you.

Nevermore, A Night To Die For …

Nevermore_A_Night_To_Die_For...Nevermore, A Night To Die For …  is definitely the major Goth party in Montreal. It happens several times during the year and it takes place at The Coop Katacombes. During the Nevermore party you will be able to enjoy some good music (Goth, New Wave, 80’s, Industrial). You can also simply discuss with people and have a drink in a friendly atmosphere.

And don’t forget, as they said: “Dress to impress … .You never know, this might be your last…”.

  • Address: Coop Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC


Requiem_PartyThe Requiem party is born from the reunion of the two originals DJs of the Nevermore, A Night To Die For … party. The Requiem party occurs every second Friday of the month and will spread Electro, EBM, Industrial and Goth through your ears and body.

  • Address: Cabaret Playhouse, 5656 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, QC

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