Cranes02Cranes is a British Coldwave band founded in 1980 by Alison and Jim Shaw. Over the time the line-up of the band will change and Alison is today the last member of origins. She is now accompanied by Paul Smith (bass, guitar and keyboards) and Jon Callender (drums).

At the beginning the band was only composed of Alison and Jim and together they have released 2 albums: Fuse (1986) which were record on cassette tape and Self-Non-Self (1989). Then the band welcomes 2 new members. Together they will released Wings of Joy (1991), Forever (1993), Loved (1994), La Tragédie d’Orestre et Électre (1996), Population 4 (1997), Future Songs (2001), Particles and Waves (2004) and Cranes (2008).

Cranes is one of the bands of reference for the Gothic culture, but also for the Coldwave movement. One of the main characteristics of this band is the voice of Alison Shaw which sounds like the voice of a little girl. However it doesn’t prevent the band from approaching dark topics. It is quite the opposite. The fragile and childish voice of Alison helps to create a strange contrast with the musical atmosphere that they create.

  • Musical Style : Coldwave, Shoegaze
  • Similar artists : Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, And Also The Trees, Faith And The Muse
  • Links : Official WebsiteFacebook

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