French Gothic Magazines

Logo Elegy Blc

Elegy is no more available.

Elegy was set up in 1998. It is the first French magazine dedicated to alternative/underground music and culture. The magazine always has given a great importance to aesthetic whether it is for the covers or the template.

Elegy deals with the alternative musical actuality through interviews, concert report, release review and also offer a sampler with each and every issue.  Elegy also deals with the cultural actuality with interviews of writers, filmmakers, photographers, stylists and contemporary artists. You will also find a list of the upcoming concerts and parties, but also on the bars and radio where you can enjoy some good music.

The magazine has known a couple of changes through its 15 years of existence. During a long time it was a double-sided magazine, with the music on one side and culture on the other one. For now they have gone back to a more traditional format.

Logo Obsküre Blc

Obsküre Magazine is born from the merger between D-Side, which was a French magazine which dealt with underground music and culture, and Obsküre, which was an online website about dark music and culture.

Obsküre Magazine deals with everything that has a link with dark, alternative or underground culture. The magazine has an uncluttered aesthetic mainly composed of black, white and grey. For every issue they make available on their website a sampler that you can listen online.

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