German Gothic Magazines

Logo Orkus Blc

Orkus was set up in 1995 by Claus Müller. At the beginning the magazine was free, but one year later, faced to its success and in order to provide more information to the readers it become paying.

Orkus deals with all the kind of music that are considered as dark (such as Gothic, Industrial, Electro, Darkwave, Metal and much more). In each issue you will be able to read interviews, concert reviews, but also poems and articles on dark cultural events. Orkus also come with a sampler which is a great opportunity to discover new bands and artists.

Logo Zillo Blc

Zillo was set up in 1989. After having encountered some financial issues during the first years after its creation, Zillo has now reached stability.

Zillo deals with the underground music actuality. Some issues even offer a sampler. Back in time Zillo also have organised festivals and released Gothic music compilation.

Logo Sonic Seducer Blc

Sonic Seducer has been launched in 1994. It deals with the music actuality of dark culture with a particular interest for electro music such as EBM, Industrial, Noise, etc.

Sonic Seducer is also the organiser of the famous M’era Luna Festival which gather about 25 000 people every year since 2000 in the town of Hildesheim (Germany).

Logo Gothic Magazine Blc

Gothic was set up in 1990. It deals with the underground culture. The magazine is divided into 2 parts, one which is dedicated to music and another one which is called Gothic Lifestyle which is dedicated to fashion and culture.

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