Album Review: Trust – Joyland



Released: 04 – 03 – 2014




Joyland is the second opus of the band Trust and it is quite different from its predecessor. Indeed, it is brighter and lighter, even if we definitely recognized the style of Trust.

We can easily define two types of tracks in Joyland. On one hand those which have catchy rhythm and that we quickly adopt such as Geryon, Joyland or Icabod. Those tracks are quite raw but ultra-efficient. On the other hand there are some other tracks such as Capitol, Four Gut or Rescue, Mister that must be approached with more attention. Indeed, they may seem less accessible at the first listening, but their complexity revealed tracks of very good quality.

As a conclusion, Joyland is an excellent album, which offers a different point of view on synthpop and Darkwave. After TRST (2012) we wondered in which way Trust would evolve. We now know that Trust can be trusted to provide high quality work and that future will be full of surprise.


  • Slightly Floating (3:35)
  • Geryon (4:23)
  • Capitol (4:54)
  • Joyland (3:18)
  • Are We Arc? (4:29)
  • Icabod (4:28)
  • Four Gut (5:11)
  • Rescue, Mister (4:32)
  • Lost Souls/Eelings (4:34)
  • Peer Pressure (5:21)
  • Barely (5:25)

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