Album Review: Johnny Hollow – A Collection of Creatures

JohnnyHollow_ACollectionOfCreatures01   Johnny Hollow

   A Collection of Creatures

Released: 01 – 21 – 2014




It is a bit late that we will make our review of the last album of Johnny Hollow called A Collection of Creatures. First we have to emphasize that it was entirely funded by crowd-funding. Without this we may have had to wait way longer in order to have another Johnny Hollow album. This initiative was largely supported by all the fans who participate massively into making it possible.

So, after no more than 4 years we are now able to add some tracks to the discography of Johnny  Hollow and as usual what a pleasure! At last, new blood!

A Collection of Creatures offers us 16 tracks. The album intertwine full-length and instrumental tracks, which create an irregular rhythm. As a result, and thanks to the instrumental, we approach every song with a new ear. We are more able to appreciate the songs and this new album appears like a book composed of several novels.

After a very short introduction with Pangaea, we quickly get to the heart of the matter with A Little Bit Closer which is imposing and throbbing. The body Lies take us gently but surely by the hand to another side of the Johnny Hollow’s world. Devil’s Night is a bit twitchy compare to the rest of the album.  I Am the Island, Firefly and Prayer offer a break with some mind-blowing tracks. Then here come the beautiful cover of Temple of Love from Sisters of Mercy. It is a very good surprise and from a similar quality as their previous cover of People are Strange from The Doors. A Great White Shark is repetitively captivating which sound almost like shoegaze. I Am Stretched on Your Grave sounds like a prayer, which rises. And finally the last song, Bloodsuckers, sounds a bit cabaret and may remind you of The Dresden Dolls.

As a conclusion, Johnny Hollow’s touch is definitely here and their musical identity is clearly reaffirmed especially by sharper and heavier electro sounds. This new release was highly expected and it doesn’t disappoint us at any second!

A Collection of Creatures:

  1. Pangaea 00:36
  2. A Little Bit Closer 03:32
  3. The Body Lies 04:00
  4. Shark Tank 00:35
  5. Devil’s Night 03:49
  6. I Am the Island 04:35
  7. Looking Back 00:33
  8. Firefly 03:28
  9. Temple of Love 05:27
  10. Sigea 00:53
  11. Great White Shark 03:40
  12. Owl Town 01:48
  13. I Am Stretched On Your Grave 04:35
  14. Daughters 00:58
  15. Prayer 04:15
  16. Bloodsuckers 02:36

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