Mr.Kitty is the solo musical project of Forrest Avery Carney. He is a very quiet person and it’s difficult to found information both on him and on his project. Even if it can be a bit frustrating at first, it is in fact just perfect!


Indeed, to have very few information is part of the universe build by Forest Avery Carney. As a consequence our appraisal of Mr.Kitty can only rely on the music and the visual identity which have been created.

Mr.Kitty is built around the concept of opposition. Some tracks will be quick and catchy and some others very sweet and smooth. Those two distinct feelings are even sometimes gathered in one song. The overall impression when we listen to Mr.Kitty is to be cosily sitting on a cloud, while a storm is surrounding you. As for the visual identity it also follows the same rule. We just have to take a quick look to the album cover to see the opposition of both colors and themes: black and white, life and death, cute and weird, eternity and time.


Mr. Kitty is a very productive artist as he already has released 4 albums, in no less than 4 years: Death (2011), Eternity (2012), Life (2013) and Time (2014). After such a short period of time, with this level of productivity, he will surely need some time in order to come back with another release, but it will be a pleasure to wait for it.

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