Illustration: Benjamin Lacombe

Benjamin Lacombe is a French Illustrator born in 1982 in Paris. He studied art for several years, then after finishing school he starts publishing his work.BenjaminLacombe02

His graphic style uses a lot light and shade. It also often mixes the same topics which are childhood, dark atmosphere and melancholia. Those topics allowed him to illustrate a lot of books for children such as The Little Witch, Once Upon A Time or Snow White. At first his drawing could seem a bit too dark for books for children, but he always succeeds in finding the right balance.


However the strength of the work of Benjamin Lacombe also lies in his capacity to create illustrations with several levels of interpretation. That’s why he also published books for adults such as Tales of the Macabre in which he illustrates some of the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. In this book his drawing take a different meaning and depth, more serious and direct.


Benjamin Lacombe is a talented artist with a lot of different sides, which are very interesting to discover.

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