Miserylab02Miserylab is an English band from Liverpool. It is also the solo project of Porl King, who founded it in 1998. His name and voice may remind you of something and you will be right. Indeed, he was the singer, songwriter and guitarist of Rosetta Stone.

When we listen to Miseryab we feel the influence of Porl King’s previous band, for sure, but he succeeded in making it as a strength and not a burden. Indeed, the band’s sound is built on the traditional 80’s sound. For instance we found the traditional Goth beatbox, but Porl King managed to confer a modern touch to most of the tracks.

The discography of Miserylab is composed of  Function Creep (2008), A Death That We Can Cure (2008), Freedom Is Work (2009), From Which No Light Escapes (2011) and Void Of Life (2011). The only drawback of Miserylab is that Porl King is not comfortable at all with the fact to perform in front of people and we may never be able to enjoy his work live.

  • Music Label: Carbon Neutral Digital
  • Musical Style : Post-Punk, Electro, New-Wave
  • Similar artists : Rosetta Stone, Field of The Nephilim
  • Links : Official WebsiteSoundCloud YouTube

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