Ayria02Ayria is the Synthpop/Industrial musical project of Jennifer Parkin. She founded Ayria in 2003 in Toronto (Canada) just after leaving her previous band called Epsilon Minus.

The strength of Ayria is to succeed to bring an unusual touch to Synthpop/Industrial style. First we can underline Jennifer Parkin’s voice which remains feminine even on dark and cold tracks. It brings a fresh touch to the band. Then the rhythms of the tracks are always catchy and we can enjoy a lot of variation within a same album or track. Finally the visual identity build around the Cyber/Lolita look of Jennifer Parkin is also an important part of the identity of Ayria.

Ayria has released 4 albums: Debris (2003), Flicker (2005), Hearts for Bullets (2008) and Plastic Makes Perfect (2013). Ayria succeed into becoming a reference in the Industrial/Synthpop scene thanks to both the quality of their release and the worldwide tour that they have done.

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