Unter Null

UnterNull02Unter Null is the Dark Electro/Noise musical project of Erica Dunham. She founded the band in Seattle (US) in 1998.

As a Dark Electro band Unter Null succeeds in providing repetitive and lively beats. Those rhythms create both a dark and heavy atmosphere. It is strengthened by Erica’s voice, which is croaky and electronically modified. It is also reinforced by the disturbing visual identity which is us for covers and photoshoot.

Unter Null has released several albums and EPs: Neocide (2003), Sick Fuck EP (2005), The Failure Epiphany (2005), Absolution EP (2006), Sacrement EP (2006) and Moving On (2010). Since 2012 Erica Dunham is working on the new opus of Unter Null. It will be interesting to see how her music has evolved.

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