Sculpture: Jessica Joslin

It is in 1992, after obtaining a degree in fine arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA), that Jessica Joslin began to mix animal bones with found objects. Her work is inspired from the Victorian taxidermy and osteology, which is the scientific study of bones. It will surely remind you of natural history museum, but with a special touch.


The little creatures that she creates consist of bones, which can be real or fake ones, but also of a lot of other parts that she found in flea markets, in hardware suppliers and even online. It can be bass parts, steel parts, velvet, hardware, bead, chain, etc.


She add them to the bones in order to create a full body to the animal skull. She pays particular attention to details. She even add glass eyes to those creatures to make them more alive.


Her creations give a second lease of life to those animal bones. Her work is very precise and delicate. The shapes and colours have kind of a steampunk touch and we can easily imagine them walking and moving.


During the last twenty years she have been part of both group and solo exhibitions. Her work have interested several art gallery and she continue to stir up curiosity.

Links: Official WebsiteFacebook – Instagram Twitter – Tumblr

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