Tattoo: Maud Dardeau

MaudDardeau01Maud Darbeau have been a painter and illustrator for seven years. Her group of friends was composed of a lot of people with tattoos and it’s like that that she started getting interested by tattoos and consider it as a job opportunity. She decided to present her book to the famous Parisian tattoo shop Tin-Tin. It’s there that she started her apprenticeship, by beginning by the very beginning.


Even if her work as a painter was in colour, she now exclusively do tattoo in black and grey, as it allows her to play with both light and shade. She works as if the tattoo was an engraving. She uses a lot crossed lines and wefts in order to create shades. What she prefers is doing big piece on backs for instance, as it offers a lot of space as if she were working on a canvas.


One of her favorite piece was a Lucifer from Gustave Doré that she tattooed on a back. She did a lot of research on the subject and she finally mixed about 15 different paintings. With this kind of project she can easily improvise and develop her own vision.


She also takes part to the annual Mondial du Tatouage in Paris where she had the opportunity to tattoo people in live.


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