Zeromancer is an industrial band from Norway. It was founded in 1999 and is composed of 5 members: Alex Møklebust (vocals), Kim Ljung (bass and vocals), Noralf Ronthi (drums), Dan Heide (guitar) and Lorry Kristiansen (keyboard). It is following the split of their previous band called Seigmen that Kim Ljung and Erik Ljunggren started Zeromancer.


Zeromancer have the ability to create catchy tracks that are often perfectly suited for radio. Indeed, it is an accessible band and their music is pleasant. Some songs are dark and some others are just fun to listen to. The evolution through their albums is not always very obvious, but for sure they know how to focus on what they do best.

Since beginning of the band already 6 albums have been released: Clone Your Lover (2000), Eurotrash (2001), Zzyzx (2003), Sinners International (2009), The Death of Romance (2010) and Bye-Bye Borderline (2013).

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