Jakalope04Jakalope is a Canadian band, formed in 2003 and named after the mythical animal, which is a jackrabbit with antelope horns. This musical project was created by the musician and producer Dave Ogilvie. With proven experience with bands such as The Birthday Massacre, Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy, he developed Jakalope.

Jakalope is a complete musical project which has been developed with a lot of care. The music is lively and heavy at the same time. The atmosphere is dark, but the clear and fragile voice of Katie B. comes to create an opposite strength.Jakalope03The visual side of Jakalope is also very elaborate. Either the musical video or the album covers are perfectly coherent with the whole project. By the way we can recognize the wonderful artworks from Vincent Marcone (The Birthday Massacre).Jakalope02The two first albums It Dreams (2004) and Born 4 (2006) have been co-produce by Trent Reznor and it easy to feel his touch. In 2007, Katie B. left the band and even with her replacement by Chrystal Leigh the band lost his essence.

  • Music label : Orange Record Label
  • Musical style : Industrial Rock
  • Similar artist: The Birthday Massacre, Kerli

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