God Module

GodModule02God Module is an american Dark Electro/EBM band, founded in 1999. It is compose of three members: Jasyn Bangert (vocals, synth) Courtney Bangert (vocals, keyboards) and Clint Carney (vocals, keyboards).

The music of God Module is a mix of hard-hitting Dark Electro melodies and softer rhythms. The voice of Courtney Bangert bring a more delicate touch to the music, but also reinforce the weird atmosphere. Indeed, God Module music is inspired from horror movies and nightmares. Even if those topics could be a bit scary the strengths of the band is to succeed into making it a combination of dusk and light.

They already released 5 albums: Empath (2003), Viscera (2005), Let’s Go Dark (2007), Séance (2011) and False Face (2014). And we are happy to know the next album Prophecy have been announce for October!

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