Soldout02Soldout is an electro band from Brussels (Belgium). It is composed of two members: Charlotte Maison (vocals and synth) and David Baboulis (synth and programing).

Soldout is one of this bands that you can listen in a loop without even beginning to get tired of their music. Indeed, the electro that they are serving us is a high quality one. In each song you will discover a new aspect of the band. What is amazing is that even with this they perfectly succeed into making their whole discography consistent. You will for sure have your favorite, a song for each mood and for different environment.

Artists capable of doing this are very rare, that why Soldout is worth a try. If we should recommend an album it will be all of them so: Stop Talking (2004), Dead Tapes (2005), Cuts (2008) More (2013) and PuppyLove (2014).

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